South Newington Village Youth Club

As many of you will know youngsters in the village have previously enjoyed the village Youth Club, which was run from the Village Hall by Stuart and Emma Dunlop. Sadly the Youth Club currently does not run.

Emma joined us at the South Newington Parish Council meeting this week where we discussed whether the Youth Club could be restarted. From this discussion, we are appealing to the village. Would anyone be prepared to step in and take over the Youth Club? Maybe a group could form to share the responsibility?

Emma is very happy to share her experience in support of anyone interested in stepping in.

If you are interested in discussing further please email or have a chat with Peter Thomas.

Thank you.

If You Are A Dog Owner – Please Clean Up After Your Dog

We have received a complaint from a concerned villager regarding the increased instances of dog fouling around the village.  Areas mentioned were outside the Village Hall where the school buses pick up / drop off and children need to wait. Also the public footpath across the field off Sands Lane (where we have incidentally sited a dog bin).


From Cherwell District Council Website – “If you allow a dog in your charge to foul any area to which the public has access you are committing an offence. The penalty for not clearing up dog fouling can be up to £1000 if the case is dealt with by the magistrates courts, or £50 if the owner is given a fixed penalty notice.


We have recently installed dog bins in the village and dog poop bags are also available in the village free of charge.  They can be picked up from a box sited outside The Old Forge on Moor Lane.

Let’s be vigilant to keep our village a beautiful place to live and explore.

Thank you.

T4801 Bloxham, A361 South Newington Road – Road Closure and No Waiting on 31 October for 2 nights (20:00 – 06:00)

Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Road Closure and “No Waiting” restriction – at Bloxham, A361 South Newington Road on 31 October for 2 nights (20:00 – 06:00)

In the interests of public safety it will be necessary for Oxfordshire County Council to close the road and impose a ‘No Waiting’ restriction as detailed above in order to facilitate carriageway resurfacing works.  

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice is being made to implement the temporary closure and restriction and will operate on the dates shown above.

The “No Waiting” restriction means that wherever there are in place yellow “No Waiting” cones, you will not be able to park vehicles on the highway.

Please note that Notices for urgent works can last up to 5 consecutive days only.

Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for those frontages within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works and liaison with the works supervisor. 

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting John Beaumont or Tim Belton, Oxfordshire County Council on 0345 310 11 11.


Church Illumination

The church floodlighting has been repaired. There is an opportunity for anyone to sponsor the illumination to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary or to remember a loved one. A donation of £10 will light the church for a week. 

Please let me have your dedications before 1st of each month. Each month’s dedications will be displayed on the noticeboard, the website and will be circulated to the village email list.

You can pay by bank transfer to Sort Code 40 09 02, Account Number 31812556 or in cash to Gill Brounger (Newton Cottage, Green Lane).

Thank you to those who have kindly made dedications in the last quarter.

 Paula Staples

Harvest Thanksgiving – Decoration

Poster for Harvest thanksgiving, September 2017

We are planning to decorate the church at 10.30 am this Saturday the 23rd for the harvest service.  Would you be kind enough to bring any gifts of fresh produce or dry goods, tins etc.on  Saturday morning. After the Service the  fresh produce will be sold at the McMillan coffee morning, and the dry goods, tins etc which will  be given to the homeless via the Salvation Army.

We do hope you will all come to celebrate this years harvest at the  Service on Sunday 24th at 11.15.

New Pictures In the Gallery

We have added some new pictures to the gallery for you enjoyment.  The pictures have been kindly provided by Rob Lawrence from the Clarion Concert and Singing for Syria which took place earlier in the year.  We have also added pictures from the South Newington Flower Show, which was held last month.

 Click to view.


On Wednesday 6th Sept 2017 the South Newington Parish Council convened an extraordinary PC meeting to discuss the proposed introduction of a weight limit for traffic travelling through Burford, with new signage being introduced to divert traffic along alternate routes.  At the meeting a representative from Burford Town Council spoke and presented output from traffic surveys which have been conducted, to encourage us to support this endeavour.   

The statistics presented did suggest a reduction in HGV traffic coming through our village would result from this change, but it was unclear by what extent.

The South Newington PC will be supporting the Burford weight limit initiative and are seeking extra time to compile a full response.  

Details of this consultation with OCC can be found by following the link attached.  Please review the OCC page where you have an opportunity to make your own comments on the matter.

Response from South Newington Parish Council:-

“South Newington Parish Council (SNPC) would like to respond to the consultation for the proposed above changes.  SNPC strongly supports the proposals, as the reduction in HGV traffic through Burford will not only protect the historic streets of this medieval town, but should reduce the traffic flows of HGVs to surrounding towns and villages, including South Newington, a Conservation Area.  We would ask that new signage directing HGVs to Banbury on the A40 are placed on the A361/A40 roundabout to the south of the town centre.  This would ensure that HGV traffic use the recommended route on the Oxfordshire Freight Gateway website, which is via the A40, A34 and M40.”

South Newington Parish Council