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There are still vacancies if you wish to loin the 49 Club.  Just £1 per week with a chance to win £35 (first Saturday of the month) or £20 (other weeks), or even more if there is a rollover!

Our year starts in March, but you can join and quarter – Minimum subscription is £13 for the quarter.

Contact Judith Denby  ([email protected])  National lottery logo between a paper lottery ticket and a collection of lottery balls

The club pays out to the holder of the number of the bonus ball drawn each Saturday as part of the National Lottery.  Subscribers each hold a number (drawn at random) for the full year.

A big thank you to all who continue to support the 49 Club – your subscriptions cover the cost of insurance for our village church. 

Number owners are listed below.


South Newington 49 Club – Mar 2022 to Feb 2023 – Assigned Numbers

Mary Adam 1
Lois Atkinson 2
Julian Barbour 3
Pam & Oliver Bailey 4
John Braithwaite 5
Gill Brounger 6
Penny Carey 7
Nicola Catton 8
Linda Curtis 9
Judith Denby 10
Colin Galloway 11
Louise Hands 12
Golly Hands 13
Harden Family 14
Dawn Hodson 15
Jim & Jean Honeybone 16
Peter Hudson 17
Bridget Read 18
Peter Read 19
Sue Robertson 20
Jenny Rudnay 21
Jenny Smith 22
Swan Family 23
Peter Thomas 24
Andrew Wells 25
Mr & Mrs M Rapp 26
Bruno Brown 27
Marijke Jones 28
Amanda Blythe Smith 29
Hugh & Diana McIlveen 30
Jean Tarver 31
Lin Brecknell 32
R&F Waters 33
Graham & Nicky Smith 34
Keith Lobban 35
Michael Maskey 36