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Thanks to all members old and new for supporting the South Newington 49 Club this year.   As well as providing many lucky members with weekly prize winnings ranging from £20 to an impressive £75 one week, the funds raised also contribute to the SNPCC Repair Fund and thereby the upkeep of the village church.

Subscriptions for 2020 are due in February, with the new lottery year kicking off in March.   There are several numbers spare, so please consider joining the club if you have not yet done so.   It is a bit of fun and a prize is always a happy delivery through your letterbox!

The weekly prize is £20, or £35 for the first week of the month.   If there is no winner one week, the prize rolls-over to the following week or the next lucky winner.

Membership is £52 per year, or £26 for 6 months.

For details on how to join or renew please do contact Judith Denby on 07866 630454 or judithdenby@hotmail.co.uk.


South Newington Independent Film Theatre Association (SNIFTA) – The Graduate – Sun 25 Nov at 5pm – Village Hall

FORGET huddling by the fire, writing your Christmas list or regrouting the shower…INSTEAD, splash on the Brut, tie an old Biba scarf around your head and join us to soak up the Californian sunshine!
South Newington Independent Film Theatre Association (SNIFTA) are proud to present their first film, the hugely successful The Graduate. 
Sit back with a glass of wine, and enjoy this great comedy-drama, with its exceptional cast and evocative soundtrack provided by Simon and Garfunkel….for tickets, please email:  timcatton@gmail.com/crgethomas@aol.com, or phone 07772-854937.  
Poster for film: The Graduate