Progamme Cover Competition 2017

This year we decided to harness some of the great artistic talents we have in the village, inviting all to enter a competition to design a fabulous new programme cover for the Flower & Produce Show this coming summer.

We have had some fantastic designs and here they are below…

The winner was judged by the flower show committee to be Angela Burns, although it was a difficult decision as you can see the standard was very high.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

2017 Winner – Angela Burns

Painting of various flowers and vegetables on a white background, in a white frame


Ophelia Swan

Child's drawing of poster for Flower Show 2017. A gold trophy reads Flower Show 2017.


Toby Swan

Child's drawing of trophies, one reading South Newington Flower Show 2017


Zoe Pearson

Child's drawing of vegetables, jam, cakes and marrows on separate tables


Angela Burns

Painting of flowers coming down from top of white background