South Newington Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem unveiled - Royal Central


JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS – Thursday 2nd June to Saturday 4th June 2022

Jubilee celebrations are fast approaching and we hope you will be able to join us in the village to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  The main events are the art exhibition in the church, the open gardens on the Friday and the street banquet on the Saturday, including South Newington Ascot races, hat parade, games on the Poleaxe, and pub quiz at the Duck on the Pond.   

Lots more details to follow, but in the meantime the programme is attached to give you enough time to create your artwork, sculpture, hats, horses, costumes. 

We would like to send some letters to the Queen from the village.  If you would like to write one and for us to send it as part of a South Newington group of letters then please do so and leave it in the church porch for me to collect.  I will leave some postcard and writing templates in the church porch for any younger members who may wish to have some help and inspiration.  The idea is the Queen will then send us a group letter that we could frame and put with the Jubilee photo on the wall in the village hall. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who have come forward already, if there is anyone who would like to bake for the teas on Friday afternoon, or wishes to help out in the village hall then that would be much appreciated.  We will need as many hands on deck on Saturday morning to set up the tables for the street party between the church and Poleaxe, and of course to hang bunting. We will also need some help at the end of the day to return them.  Please let Roz know if you can help [email protected]


Click on link below to open flyer for more information on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events in South Newington

South Newington Flyer for Jubilee celebrations Final-1


Village Hall Development Project Exhibition in the Village Hall – Saturday 6th Nov and Sunday 7th Nov – 2pm to 4pm

An exhibition will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 6th November and Sunday 7th November between 2pm and 4pm to show the work that has been done on the project to date, the options suggested by the architects , the recommended option and the next steps in the poject.

There will be drawings of the options and a model of the recommended option kindly made by Tim Catton.

You are warmly invited to visit the exhibition, ask questions and to give your views on the proposals.



Did you know there is a mobile Post Office at the Village Hall in Barford St Michael every Thursday  between 10.45am and 12 Noon.

All the usual Post Office Services

Plus we can bring grocery orders to you.

Just call us – 01869 345229

We stock as wide variety of goods including fresh meat, and all our on speciality sausages, dry cured bacon and cooked meats


South Newington Singers Update

A picture of the South Newington Occasional Singers together

South Newington Singers gave a resounding performance as part of the Cumnor Music Festival on June 16th June, in a  delightful garden opened especially for the occasion. 


The day raised money for Breast Cancer Care and Oxenford House Care Home, and we were one of the main groups performing along with a wonderful ukulele band, drama groups, a capella singers and a swing band in the evening


“Joyous and fun, a pleasure to listen to and watch such a happy group” was how one member of the audience described us, and we weren’t even twisting his arm at the time!


If you would like to try singing,  please do come along to the village hall on Saturday mornings when we practice with Stuart Dunlop our conductor and Joe Cummings our piano accompanist.  Stuart lives in the village and is Musical Director of UEA so we are incredibly lucky to have the benefit of his skill and leadership, and Joe is an accomplished young professional pianist from the Royal Academy of Music.  Not bad for our little village eh?


We are now working on music for a special concert in South Newington in November to commemorate 100 years since the end of the WW1.  The music we will be performing includes some favourites such as Jerusalem, Breathe Soft Ye Winds and The Long Day Closes.


Any questions about singing please just ask, call Nicky Smith on 07771 785228 or contact Elizabeth Wheeldon.


South Newington Village Youth Club

As many of you will know youngsters in the village have previously enjoyed the village Youth Club, which was run from the Village Hall by Stuart and Emma Dunlop. Sadly the Youth Club currently does not run.

Emma joined us at the South Newington Parish Council meeting this week where we discussed whether the Youth Club could be restarted. From this discussion, we are appealing to the village. Would anyone be prepared to step in and take over the Youth Club? Maybe a group could form to share the responsibility?

Emma is very happy to share her experience in support of anyone interested in stepping in.

If you are interested in discussing further please email [email protected] or have a chat with Peter Thomas.

Thank you.

If You Are A Dog Owner – Please Clean Up After Your Dog

We have received a complaint from a concerned villager regarding the increased instances of dog fouling around the village.  Areas mentioned were outside the Village Hall where the school buses pick up / drop off and children need to wait. Also the public footpath across the field off Sands Lane (where we have incidentally sited a dog bin).


From Cherwell District Council Website – “If you allow a dog in your charge to foul any area to which the public has access you are committing an offence. The penalty for not clearing up dog fouling can be up to £1000 if the case is dealt with by the magistrates courts, or £50 if the owner is given a fixed penalty notice.


We have recently installed dog bins in the village and dog poop bags are also available in the village free of charge.  They can be picked up from a box sited outside The Old Forge on Moor Lane.

Let’s be vigilant to keep our village a beautiful place to live and explore.

Thank you.