South Newington Flower and Produce Show – Sunflower & Potato

Two sunflowers against white background

Sun flower seeds

Collect your seed from the mouse resistant plastic pot in the church porch. Plant it, nurture it, feed and water it!

Come to entry evening on Thursday 10th August 2017 so that arrangements can be made to measure your sunflower in your garden. The judges will measure on the morning of the show…..leave them a step ladder if required!

Happy sunflower growing!


Three potato plants in green pots, and two piles of potatoes at their feet


 Potato Plants

Collect your chitted potato from the church porch. The potatoes will be there for the next fortnight.   Plant the potato in a 30 cms diameter pot, full of soil.  Neglect it and you lessen your chances of winning! Water it, feed it, let it bask in the sun, top up the soil and you could be a winner!

Enter on entries evening at the village hall – Thursday 10th August 2017. Then bring along your pot to the exhibition tent on the morning of the show – Saturday 12th August 2017 where the potato contents of the pot will be weighed!

Potholes – How To Resolve

Photograph of pothole filled with rainwaterOver the winter we have seen some significant potholes develop on the roads in and around the village. 

As potholes appear in the village, we would encourage you to please report them using the website link below. 

Potholes around the village have been reported using this method already and were repaired relatively quickly.

Singing for Syrians in South Newington

Close-up of musical notes on a music sheet
This “come and sing” event will be held in the Church and Village Hall on the afternoon of Saturday 20th May. We’ll be singing the Vivaldi Gloria, plus some added extras, with an informal performance in the Church from 6.30pm
For more information email or go to for details of the registered charity that the event will be supporting.