A selection from the books that were unsold at the Flower Show book stall have been placed at the back of the church.

Please help yourself to the books and kindly put a donation in the box in the wall to the left of the door on your way out.

The books will be changed periodically.  Please feel free to add others that you may have finished with.

Thank you

49 Club – It’s a Rollover.

This week the Bonus Ball in the Lottery is number 58.  We do not have a holder for that number in the village 49 Club.

Next week is the first weekend of the month so a normal payout would be £35.  With the rollover that becomes £55.

It is not too late to get a ticket for next week so you have a chance of winning the prize.


Annual Ride and Stride Sat 9th Sept – would you like to take part?


Saturday 9th September is the annual “Ride and Stride” when churches across Oxfordshire are open with refreshments, and people are invited to walk or ride (bike, horse etc) between them to raise money to preserve the buildings.  The day is organised by the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust which has generously funded South Newington Church in the past to help protect our medieval wall paintings.


Literally hundreds of churches are open, many of which are often closed to the public.  It’s a great opportunity to explore our historical churches and help protect them for future generations at the same time.  Our own church is now a “go to destination” on the Ride + Stride day,  not just for its wall paintings, but for its excellent egg sandwiches and refreshments. 


If you can help provide any refreshments,  or sit at the church for half an hour or so on the rota, to welcome  visitors and sign their sponsorship form, that would be wonderful.  A rota to sign up when you can “sit” will be in the church porch from tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd), please do sign up if you can.


If you would like to take part and be sponsored, you can collect sponsor forms from Nicky Smith at the Barn House or call 07771 785228, or email  You also get a nice neon sticker to wear if you are sponsored, and half the money you raise will go directly to South Newington Church.


Here’s a few examples of how many ‘hidden’ churches there are which will be open on Saturday 9th Sept:


Banbury 14

Charlbury 5

Chipping Norton 4

Oxford City 15

Rest of Oxford, not counting Cowley, 23

Churchill 3

Woodstock 4


There are many others like the tiny church in Over Worton which is at end of a lovely ride through the gated road from South Newington.

Any questions please call Nicky Smith 01295 720228


P.S.  If anyone would like to sponsor me that would be welcome too! X


Nicky Smith

South Newington Flower and Produce Show – Thank You

On behalf of the Flower Show Committee I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to put on the Show this weekend.

There would be no show without Advertisers, Sign-writers, Exhibitors, Bakers, Judges’ Hosts, Stallholders, Announcers, Auctioneers, Attendees, those who donated items and those who helped with the set up or take down. Thank you also to those who shared their Art or their Schooldays!

I do hope that you had an enjoyable day at the show. 

I’d also like to sincerely thank the members of the Committee for their help and support we prepared and planned the show.  

The Committee meet soon to wrap up the 2017  show.  I would be pleased to hear any suggestions which we can discuss for 2018.

With many thanks

Paula Staples

South Newington Flower and Produce Show

Sat 12th August is almost here…

  • If you have books, bottles, bric a brac for collection – send an email to to arrange collection.
  • If you can bake cakes for the cake stall and/or tea tent, please do so and bring them along on the morning of the show.
  • Entries by email to before 8pm on Wednesday 9th or in person to the Village Hall on Thurs 6pm-8pm

Please come along and support the show (2pm next Saturday) – we look forward to seeing you.