Would you like to help make the Church look festive for Christmas with holly and the ivy, or foliage and flowers of your choice on 23rd December 9.30am – 12am.  Everyone will be very welcome.

Would you like to join the Church Flower Rota.  As we are always in need of that extra pair of hands to help make the church look lovely throughout the year. 

Your help will be very welcome. 

Have a happy Christmas and New Year.


Switching on the Christmas tree lights, and singing round the tree – Sunday 10th December – 5pm


News Flash – Carol singing round the tree at 5pm but we now won’t have the concert before from the South Singers

  • Please come and join us for singing round the tree and switching on the lights this Sunday, with mulled wine or hot Ribena for children.


  • The festivities start at 5pm in the church with South Newington Singers, and then we’ll all move out to church yard to switch on the tree and sing carols together.

South Newington Village Youth Club

As many of you will know youngsters in the village have previously enjoyed the village Youth Club, which was run from the Village Hall by Stuart and Emma Dunlop. Sadly the Youth Club currently does not run.

Emma joined us at the South Newington Parish Council meeting this week where we discussed whether the Youth Club could be restarted. From this discussion, we are appealing to the village. Would anyone be prepared to step in and take over the Youth Club? Maybe a group could form to share the responsibility?

Emma is very happy to share her experience in support of anyone interested in stepping in.

If you are interested in discussing further please email or have a chat with Peter Thomas.

Thank you.