Flower & Produce Show – Colouring & Writing Competitions

Below are the templates or text you’ll need to enter either the children’s colouring or handwriting competitions at this years Flower & Produce Show.

Click the links for the correct template and print as many as you need.

Alternatively, hard copies of these are all available from Becky at The Deans.


Competition templates.

Under 5’s colouring competition – Click Here

5 – 8 year old colouring competition – Click Here


5 – 8 year old handwriting competition.

“Blowing a dream?” Sophie said. “What do you mean?”
“I is a dream-blowing giant,” the BFG said. “When all the other giants is galloping off every what way and which to swollop human beans, I is scuddling away to other places to blow dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children. Nice dreams. Lovely dreams. Dreams that is giving the dreamers a happy time.”

An extract from The BFG by Roald Dahl