49 Club


There are still vacancies if you wish to loin the 49 Club.  Just £1 per week with a chance to win £35 (first Saturday of the month) or £20 (other weeks), or even more if there is a rollover!

Our year starts in March, but you can join and quarter – Minimum subscription is £13 for the quarter.

Contact Carole Brierley (carole.hancock@btinternet.com)  

The club pays out to the holder of the number of the bonus ball drawn each Saturday as part of the National Lottery.  Subscribers each hold a number (drawn at random) for the full year.

A big thank you to all who continue to support the 49 Club – your subscriptions cover the cost of insurance for our village church.  Number owners and lucky winners are listed in the tables below.


South Newington 49 Club – Mar 2019 to Feb 2020 – Assigned Numbers


49 Club Results June 2019

1st June £35 42 Julia Streeter
8th June £20 43 Zoe Davidson
15th June £20 29 Tim and Nicola Catton
22nd June £20 11 Swan Family
29th June £20 27 Peter and Jane Perry


49 Club Results May 2019

4th May £35 41 Judith Denby
11th May £20 24 Penny and Laurence Carey
18th May £20 3 John Britton
25th May £20 24 Penny and Laurence Carey


49 Club Results April 2019

6th April £35 21 Michael Pritchard
13th April £20 30 Pat Ebdon
20th April £20 4 Mary Adam
27thApril £20 10 Peter Thomas