Church Illumination

The external lighting for the church has now been repaired. There is an opportunity for anyone to sponsor the illumination of the church to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary or to remember a loved one. A donation of £10 will light the church for a week. Please let me have your dedications by 1st of each month. Each month’s dedications will be displayed on the noticeboard and the website and will be circulated to the village email list. You can pay by bank transfer or in cash to Gill Brounger (Newton Cottage, Green Lane). Thank you.


Our dedications for Oct 2017:

To celebrate the 21st birthday of Clementine Hudson on 16th October.  Congratulations!

We also had one dedication for the month of September which unfortunately missed the deadline:

To celebrate the wedding anniversary of Peter and Karina Hudson on 23rd September.

Thank you to all the October sponsors.


Our dedications for Sept 2017:

  • In loving memory of Kathleen Patterson (Penny Carey’s mum) on the anniversary of her  death 12 September 2008.
  • To honour a special man, Tom Briggs (Alan Briggs’ father), who died 15 Sept 2008.
  • Tim Brierley has sponsored the church illumination in memory of his dear Dad who was born in the first year of WW1 and died 13th September 2012.

 Thank you to all the September sponsors.

Our dedication for Aug 2017:

  •  In memory of Agnes Rogers who passed away 29th July 1970 from her loving daughter Dorothy (Hands).

Our dedication for July 2017:

  • Remembering David Bolleurs. – Donation from his loving wife Marianne Bolleurs.

Our dedications for June 2017:

  • Remembering all those in the London attack who lost their lives or whose lives were affected – from the Brierley family
  • Remembering all those in the Manchester tragedy who lost their lives or whose lives were affected – from the Maddock family
  • In loving memory of Arthur Staples, born 11th June 1921 – donation from Tessa and Paula